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nanowrimo – day 9

typed – 2678/25023 – 50%! Yeehaw~!
nanowrimo avg words needed – 1667/15000 – MET
personal goal – 2500/22500 – MET

Well, I did it – reached the 50% marker! I’m also now ahead of my “personal goal” by a day, which means I could conceivably finish before my parents get down here on the evening of the 18th. Since they and a combination of other family members (different people different days) will be staying in the area until almost the end of the month, I know that most of my time after that will be occupied with family stuff. I’ve always felt that November was a really bad month for people to try writing so much, with all the time spent with family, plus its getting close to the end of the year, which often means more work work to do (not that that will affect me this year). December would be worse, but October or September seem like they would have been better choices. Maybe enough people can take advantage of the long holiday without family obligations? I don’t know. Thanksgiving is the *only* holiday my husband’s family celebrates and its also always been a big deal in my family (although we don’t celebrate it very traditionally), partly because my brother’s birthday usually falls on the same weekend. It seems like the majority of the people I know would at least go to visit their families, even if they didn’t care that much about celebrating the Indians letting some dumb white people live, to be rewarded later with losing their land and lives (I *loved* the Addam’s Family Values take on it). Visiting usually means either traveling or cleaning the house, lots of time with the family, stress, lack of sleep, and other such things which aren’t very conducive to trying to lock yourself in a room by yourself and write several thousand words (I suspect the majority of Nanowrimo participants are behind rather than ahead by this point). Oh well.

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