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nanowrimo – day 6

typed – 2506/17291
nanowrimo avg words needed – 1667/10000 – MET
personal goal – 2500/15000

I didn’t start until 10:30 last night, so I only barely met the goal, but at least I got it done. Tonight will probably be similar, though I should be starting a little sooner (as soon as I finish this).

I had to plug in my electric blanket last night; it was that or turn on the heater. It’s still a lot warmer down here than it is in VA, I’m sure, but I am not very good at producing body heat on my own and get cold really easily (Gary is the opposite). In the morning I did not want to leave the bed, because it meant getting out of my warm cocoon. Possibly due to the colder temperatures, I found myself writing a scene last night involving cold and snow 😉