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Archive for November 17, 2010

nanowrimo – day 16

typed – 3886/41953
nanowrimo avg words needed – 1667/26666 – MET
personal goal – 2500/40000 – MET

over 80% done; yay! 🙂

I was trying to do enough yesterday to make up for not writing at all on Monday, but didn’t quite make it. I’m still technically ahead, so maybe I won’t worry about it too much. Finding time to write is getting progressively harder as the holidays approach – I feel the need to put things away/unpack and clean things up instead. My parents will be here Thursday night and I would like things to look good by then (plus they will need to do things like actually get to the guest bed, which, before today, would not have been possible).

I’ve actually finished the story at this point, so now I’m trying to flesh out areas that I kind of skimmed over the first time. Editing/adding is slower than writing from scratch however, further impairing my wordcount.

nanowrimo – day 15

typed – 0/38067
nanowrimo avg words needed – 1667/25000 – Not Met / MET
personal goal – 2500/37500 – Not Met / MET

blargh 😦