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nanowrimo – day 8

typed – 2527/22345
nanowrimo avg words needed – 1667/13333 – MET
personal goal – 2500/20000 – MET – 40% yay! 🙂

Yesterday was REALLY hard. I had stayed up until 6am the night before, reading a book, then had to do a bunch of other stuff, like take the cat to the vet (just regular shots). I absolutely did not feel like writing, partly because I was so tired, and partly because I was just in a bad mood (no doubt influenced by being tired). Someone had put in an order on Etsy, so I wasted a lot of time going through my tie-dye stuff trying to find what they ordered, re-organizing along the way. Only when I was done did I realize they had not paid for it yet (and still haven’t). I put off writing until around 11:30pm, finished around 2:30, I think. That seems pretty fast actually, but it FELT like a major struggle at the time. By the way, I should note that I don’t count a day as ending until I go to bed, so that’s why the wordcount goes under day 8 instead of day 9; it would get really confusing otherwise since I do a lot of my work late at night, crossing over the line mid-paragraph. I will still count Nanowrimo as ending at midnight though; no cheating for my eccentricities. I was really grateful to Gary last night, since him bugging me is the main reason why I finally did go write; he’s also started reading the story, which makes me happy. I’m hoping to go over the goal tonight just enough to hit the 50% mark; that would feel pretty awesome 🙂

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