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Starting to feel like home

Most of the painting for our new place is done, and what is left either has to be done in small chunks or is waiting for something to get fixed first.  Everything is in pastel shades of blue, green, and purple.  I stayed away from dark colors because they are both a LOT harder to do and they tend to make rooms feel smaller – this house is already quite a bit smaller than our previous one and I didn’t want to increase the cramped feeling.  Some people may think its  too much color, but oh well, I LIKE a lot of color.  I will try to take some pictures soon and post them.  Also, most of the major repairs have been done, with the exception being a garage conversion that wasn’t done very well and leaks.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do at this point to fix it, especially since we’re running out of money for repairs…

We still have probably two trips worth of stuff to get from the storage unit, which we need to be out of by the end of the month (or pay another month of fees).  We weren’t able to get anything last weekend because my husband was oncall and this weekend I think he is going to be too tired and need a break from a miserable oncall week.  Plus, we haven’t even unloaded all of the last load yet (we were waiting for my painting to be done).  That leaves us with two weekends in a row that we’ll have to get a full load for each.

We switched realtors in VA, so I’m hoping we might actually get the house sold or rented someday.  Here is the listing for anyone curious.

I just realized that Nanowrimo is coming up fast and I’m wondering if I should participate (probably) and what story idea I should use…I also really need to get on the ball and start posting stuff for sale on etsy!  I quit facebook games (finally), which means I also pretty much quit facebook itself, and I still don’t ever seem to have any time, where does it go?

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